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RBG Concepts ® is a client presentation software that shows a simple picture of the client’s proprietary and what percentage should be allocated where. Developed by financial advisor Curt Whipple, RBG Concepts ® is already changing how financial advisors, planners, and insurance agents better serve their prospects and clients by increasing their wealth exponentially.

The simplest software in the industry is increasing financial professionals’ production by:





Potential to triple your income with the same number of clients!

Have you ever had a prospect come into your office after losing money with another advisor saying something like, “I told that other advisor I didn’t want a lot of risk and I just lost ___% in the market!”? Curt believes this is not the result of an advisor who is ignorant or doesn’t care about the client; instead, it’s an issue of the advisor not properly diversifying the client’s portfolio.

Principal Protected Money
Real Estate
Precious Metals
As-Risk Investments

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The program that took Curt Whipple’s commissions from $250,000 per year to $2.7 million per year!

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“The first week using Red, Blue, Green, and coaching with Curt Whipple we made a $900,000 annuity sale on our first attempt. In the first month using RBG, we exceeded our total sales of the last 6 months from the previous year. I can recommend Curt and RBG software to any advisor looking to get more production from each prospect or client visit.”
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What is RedBlueGreen?

RBG Concepts ® is a user-friendly tool that displays the proper allocation of your client’s assets based on cutting-edge software. The developer, Curt Whipple, increased his sales by 10x per year using this tool.

Why RBG works

  • Plan Over Product Mindset